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IT Solutions and Innovations

Trade center

Trade center is a platform to power your marketplace or e-shop, and enable it for a scalable, long-term growth.

Payment agregation

Online payments are the lifeblood for an increasing number of companies. Our custom solutions can serve your B2B and B2C payment needs.

Data Funnel

Data is a key resource in the digital economy. We help businesses harvest and organize a wealth of internal and external domain data.

Domain Intelligence

Successful businesses are based on information and knowledge. Our machine learning solutions help business systems make sense of big data.


Trade center

Trade center is a e-commerce platform that provides a solution for retail, events and travel sectors. Its architecture provides for ultimate flexibility in customization, while its integrated all-inclusive feature set allows for quick and effective ramp-up and operation. The comprehensive platform allows an end-to-end control over an e-commerce marketplace, most importantly over the user experience of the end buyer.
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Payment aggregation

Our payment solution includes aggregation of multiple payment methods under a single gateway, fraud management, and reliable accounts & clearing back-end. The accounts back-end allows straightforward extensibility with custom features, such as wallets.

Data Funnel

A mission-critical web-scale solution that can reliably retrieve large sets of unstructured digital data, then clean and process them to reliably deliver structured information, readily available for integration with business systems. We offer both Data as a Service or a technology solution based on your needs.
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Enterprise digital intelligence

Most successful companies in the digitally enabled economy are data-driven. However, the best of them is knowledge-driven. When the massive amounts of raw digital data that are available to companies are cleaned, contextualized, categorized and correlated, they become transformed into a body of digital domain knowledge and a foundation for enterprise digital intelligence. Such digital knowledge can serve as a platform for truly intelligent enterprise systems that transform business processes or customer experiences. Our technology solutions in natural language processing and machine learning provide the competitive edge needed by our customers.
Service delivery models
We are able to facilitate your specific business requirements with a number of flexible services delivery models, providing the needed outcome with adequate time frames and project risk.
Extended team

Extend your IT team with software engineers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists. The teams are available in your office, our development centres or remotely. It is like your own IT team located in another room – maintaining your company culture and working in line with your strategic goals.

Managed team

Start developing your project without investing time and efforts in the requirements and team management. With the Managed Team, you tell us the features you want to start out, and we manage the team, work through the backlog and get things done on schedule.

Fixed project

Turn your idea into a working product, passing all supporting risks to Akota's team and reducing your operational costs. With a fixed project, you get the commitment of Akota, not just the team members assigned to the contract.

Managed services

Customer Support, QA, DevOps or Software Product Maintenance – Akota takes care of the automation and orchestration of the service, making you free to focus on the tasks that matter to your business. Your business-critical services are monitored by experts and any problem is fixed before you even knew it existed.

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