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Trade Center e-commerce platform 
provides SaaS shops, marketplaces, payment processing and marketing tools.

Trade center e-commerce platform

Trade center is a multitier B2B2C e-commerce platform intended for retail, events and booking. Its architecture provides for ultimate flexibility in customization, while its integrated all-inclusive feature set allows for quick and effective ramp-up and operation. The comprehensive platform allows an end-to-end control over an e-commerce marketplace, most importantly over the user experience of the end buyer.
  • LAMP
  • MySQL
  • Apache Solr (custom)
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
Supported business models
  • Agregator portal 
  • Price comparator 
  • Web shop SaaS (Retail/events/booking)
  • B2B wholesale 
  • Marketing tools 
  • Payment processing

Core business modules

Trade center platform gains powerful versatility from its set of core business modules, covering the whole range of digital assets needed to operate an e-commerce business. 
Business modules are thoroughly developed with a unique combination of features, such as:
  •  Content: personalized web content, drag-drop CMS, dynamic faceted search engine,
  • Marketing: A-B optimization, personalized newsletter campaigns, affiliate promotion, loyalty systems, group discounts.
  •  Payment: fraud management, payment gateway, clearing.
  •  Fullfilment: mediated RMA process, 3rd party shipping integration.
  • Management: multi-site, change control, BI and web analytics, billing, product management.
Content modules
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  • Drag’n’drop interface 
  • Responsive templates + editor 
  • Ability to tweak design 
  • Over 40 content block types 
  • Personalized content 
  • Language localization 
  • Website auto-generation 
  • A-B optimization SEO features


  • Product reviews 
  • Store reviews 
  • Review administration


  • Product version management
  • Product pricing units
  • Customizable categories and product characteristics fields
  • B2B wholesale catalog & search
  • Brand management
  • Stock management

Search engine

  • Faceted search engine 
  • Smart auto-complete 
  • Customizable advanced filters 
  • High performance
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Photo catalog

  • Drag’n’drop photo management 
  • Mass import 
  • Automatic resizing
  • Up to 16 photos per product Photo name search


  • SEO features 
  • Integrated with e-commerce

Data integration

  • API for ERP synchronization
  •  XLS/CSV import/export


  • Platform analytics
  • Store analytics 
  • Store dashboard

Marketing modules

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Discounts and loyalty

  • Combined conditions: group buying, employer, cart amount, quantity, loyalty points, time period, number of orders, per product, per category, per brand, promo code. 
  • Awarded benefits: price discount, shipping discount, gift, loyalty points.

Affiliate promotion

  • Affiliate widget creation  
  • Affiliate program management
  • Events


  • Retail
  • Booking
  • Events

Social wishlist

  • Special web application for browsing wishlists and gift occasions.
  • Integration with e-commerce enables seamless gift buying and delivery. 
  • Ability to create wish lists for multiple occasions. Friends receive timely email notifications of gift occasions.
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  • Newsletter templates 
  • Newsletter editor 
  • Contact lists import 
  • Dynamic contact lists 
  • Newsletter smart triggering 
  • Personalization by user behavior 
  • Newsletter product management and billing

Price comparison

  • Web-scale data crawling and post-processing. 
  • Generate traffic and decrease marketing cost for related services.

Payment modules

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 Fraud management

  • Automated detection
  • Custom detection parameters
  • White and black lists
  • Incident logs
  • Forensic logs
  • Fraud auditing
  • Email fraud alerts

Payment Gateway

  • Multiple payment methods: cash on delivery, bank transfer, payment cards. 
  • Option for multi-acquiring 
  • Option for standalone payment gateway 
  • Option for e-wallet creation

Accounts & Clearing

  • Virtual accounts for merchants
  •  The reliable semi-automated clearing process 
  • Full oversight of accounts status

Fulfillment modules

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  • Creation of any kind of shipping method.
  • Integration with 3rd party shipping companies with admin interface.
  • Automated shipping method filtering.
  • Delivery statuses alerting and management.
  • Shipping transaction fee and billing

Complaints & RMA

  • RMA process. Comprehensive platform 
  • RMA mediation - ability to control the outcome for the end buyer. 
  • RMA outcomes: external resolution, product return, return of funds.


  • Gift wrapping with pricing and photos 
  • Delivery at recipient’s unknown address


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Multi-site management

  • Creation of any kind of shipping method. 
  • Integration with 3rd party shipping companies with admin interface. Automated shipping method filtering. 
  • Delivery statuses alerting and management. 
  • Shipping transaction fee and billing

BI & web analytics

  • Orders
  • Products 
  • Shipping Users 
  • Shopping carts 
  • Newsletters 
  • Clients 
  • Search history 
  • Wishlists

Product provisioning

  • Creation and assignment of SaaS e-store products, integrated with billing. 
  • Ability to add/restrict over 30 features. 
  • Control over billing features per product.


  • E-commerce transaction fee
  • Shipping cost transaction fee
  • Newsletter and addons metered billing
  • SaaS and addons subscription

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