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Excellent business support 
is foundational to company growth.

Customer support

Every point of contact with customers is an opportunity to exceed expectations and build long-lasting relationships with your brand.

Back office support

Achieve operational efficiency through Akota's administrative support services, that can function as an extension of your team.

Sales Support

Whether it is sales lead generation or channel partner enablement, our sales support solutions are designed to boost your sales to the next level.

Our business process outsourcing service portfolio

Customer support

We are helping customers respond effectively to their clients, improve their user experience, increasing brand loyalty and accelerating growth. We serve customers through any channel in multiple languages, without sacrificing superior quality.  Our clients benefit from outstanding personal service. The result is happier customers who buy more, speak positively about your brand and help your businesses grow. 
Akota's Business Process Outsourcing Group will learn your customer support goals and help you identify the right tools and processes to deliver exceptional service across the customer lifecycle. Our solutions are flexible enough to meet a variety of needs, from onshore or off, 24x7x365 or after hours, ramping up or down for seasonal changes, or using your tools or our own.
We recruit, hire, train and retain top talent so our clients can scale quickly. Our technology enables agents to assist customers across channels efficiently, and we utilize data from every interaction to continuously improve processes. Over time this enhances customer satisfaction levels and delivers cost savings. As a client with Akota, you have a dedicated team that sits together, receives training on your products and brand, and provides service that is a seamless extension of your company.
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Back-office administrative support

Not every business has the time or resources to hire skilled talent for every task. Delegating away the work that feels mundane but is absolutely critical to your business can feel great. However, back-office operations are not trivial. You need operational excellence to get them done not only quickly, but correctly every time. Let your teams focus on the skills that drive your growth, and our people can handle the rest. We provide out-of-the-box or customized back-office services for functions like data entry, legal review, finance and accounting (F&A processing), fraud detection and prevention, order fulfillment, translation services, maintenance repair and operations (MRO), and account management services.

Sales Support

Reduce sales costs, drive revenue and increase profits to your company via outsourced sales activities. Our sales support specialists will establish and manage customized service in mailing list management, prospecting via LinkedIn, social media management, Executing multi-touch sales/lead generation campaigns via LinkedIn and channel partner enablement.
While you maintain focus on your top-tier partners, Akota grows and manages your other partners through our cost-effective and proven techniques for nurturing, enabling, sales activating and supporting these partners for optimal sales results year-over-year.
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Service delivery models
We are able to facilitate your specific business requirements with a number of flexible service delivery models, 
providing the needed outcome with adequate time frames and project risk allocation.
Extended team

Extend your IT team with software engineers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists. The teams are available in your office, our development centres or remotely. It is like your own IT team located in another room – maintaining your company culture and working in line with your strategic goals.

Managed team

Start developing your project without investing time and efforts in the requirements and team management. With the Managed Team, you tell us the features you want to start out, and we manage the team, work through the backlog and get things done on schedule.

Fixed project

Turn your idea into a working product, passing all supporting risks to Akota's team and reducing your operational costs. With a fixed project, you get the commitment of Akota, not just the team members assigned to the contract.

Managed services

Customer Support, QA, DevOps or Software Product Maintenance – Akota takes care of the automation and orchestration of the service, making you free to focus on the tasks that matter to your business. Your business-critical services are monitored by experts and any problem is fixed before you even knew it existed.

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