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Digital transformation strategies 
with a combination of technology, innovation and business experience.

Information technology

At a time of relentless digital innovation and disruption of industries, IT strategy is at the core of business strategy. With our immersion in business and consumer IT, we develop cutting-edge vision and ability to execute according to clients' needs.

Digital strategy

As technology further fuels and empowers creativity, digital strategy has an increasing number of options at disposal. We help clients with harnessing the potential of digital and adopting more effective sales and marketing operations.

Innovation & Digital Transformation

Benefit from our decade long experience with innovation management, facilitating venture investment in innovation, creating horizontal and vertical industry research, news media on innovation and providing consulting to hundreds of innovative companies.

IT consultancy services portfolio

In times when every business domain is getting transformed by technology, we stand at the forefront to provide independent analysis and advice based on our experience in product development, Information technology R&D, startup eco-system development, startup mentoring, acceleration programs, investment evaluation. Our close partnership with the Balkan Venture Forum, Superfounders and other leading European innovation communities, allows us to stay at the cutting edge of best practices in innovation management and technology trends.

Information Technology

Our test-driven agile engineering process delivers an ideal balance of quality and reliability. With our internal capabilities for Java, .NET, Javascript and LAMP, iOS and Android software stacks, we have the flexibility to suit the client's needs
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Digital Strategy

We offer a complete range of software testing services ranging from QA Automation, Manual QA, Performance QA and Security QA. With this, we assure the availability and maintainability of your software application.

Innovation & Digital Transformation

We offer a complete range of software testing services ranging from QA Automation, Manual QA, Performance QA and Security QA. With this, we assure the availability and maintainability of your software application.
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Our extensive experience in e-commerce sector systems from 
developing complete omnichannel retail solutions. They include modules such as product search, fulfillment, newsletter marketing,
affiliate programs, customer support and RMA management, discounts & loyalty programs, content management, price-comparison wholesale distribution and data integration.

Fintech & Online Payments

Our work on financial technology is mainly focused on supporting world-class e-commerce. It includes credit card fraud management, payment aggregation, RMA & refund processing, credit card processing, cash on delivery and bank transfer payments
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Travel & Hospitality

We have been supporting the travel sector's growth over the
past decades via the consulting and development of ticketing systemsflight and accommodation booking, travel discount
clubs and the management of flight transport. We are in the process of acquiring NDC capability to serve customers from 
the airline industry.


Akota has been developing solutions in for the recruitment sector, serving market-leading job portals and headhunters. Our solutions include comprehensive AI-enabled job meta-search portals and job-skills matching.
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Online media

Our media related work has been in (meta) search engines,
building an automated domain knowledge-bases with an AI 
component, peer to peer video streaming and content management solutions.


We have serviced the Events sector with ticket booking solutions and delivering a comprehensive meta-search platform for events across cities.
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We are early supporters of the blockchain technology in our 
society and keep track of the cutting-edge blockchain 
technology and business models. We are looking forward to supporting Blockchain-enabled decentralized solutions
in various industries.


The solutions we have provided to the pharma sector include sales representative management and refactoring of legacy clinical research management software
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