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Creating value and enabling others to fulfill their creative potential is what matters both in life and business. We have chosen to create innovative and valuable technology, as well as provide utmost customer satisfaction from our services, as a way to fulfill our potential. Driven by this mission, we strive for leadership through creativity, bold action and empowerment of people.
About Akota
We are an IT consulting and services company focused on leveraging Macedonia’s and broader Eastern Europe’s innovative and driven talent pool to provide high-quality and efficient consulting, IT solutions and IT nearshoring services. Our services benefit from a decade of international experience in product development and IT service support, innovation and business consulting.
Akota provides quality software for outsourcing services for clients. We have in place software outsourcing process to provide our long-term customers maximum value with minimal cost of software development and maintenance. Our quality outsourcing services are a convenient and efficient way for companies to survive and grow.
Location of our development center is located in Skopje, Macedonia. The location in South-Eastern Europe and the Central European Time Zone enables significant benefits to our customers in Europe and the Middle East in terms of software outsourcing services.
Akota is one of the early IT companies founded in the Republic of Macedonia, especially active in innovation.

We position as an agile technology company focused on Internet product development and providing software outsourcing services to startups and corporations. Akota mainly focuses on the following fields: software outsourcing & nearshoring services, innovation consulting and custom technology solutions.


Our development center is based in Macedonia, where an ideal location for offering high quality and cost-effective software services. We are in the central European time zone and only two hours flight from most European cities. The IT job market is very favorable, and this will only improve government IT investment in high education. According to company values is establishing a wholesome work environment where employees thrive along with the company.

Organization and processes

We have defined business processes to support reliability, agility, and quality. We use a company-wide process and project management, tracking various metrics that trigger appropriate optimizations. Our process for software development using continuous integration and Scrum methodology, which brings together industry best practices to provide quality, project and risk mitigation. Our quality management system is currently implementing the ISO 9001: 2008 standard. Business Capacity Akota ING is an agile company that embraces challenges and has proven able to rise to the occasion. Our specialty is in the area of rich Internet applications, digital management, network programming, web services, server applications. Our experience, organization and enthusiasm provide a basis for tackling difficult challenges.
Customer support
Besides implementing specific business requirements, we integrate our energy into the success of our clients. Our clients can always expect us extra work and implement values, values because the success of our customers is important to us. 
References AG is a leading web recruitment company in Switzerland. Sodatech AG provides software for organization and distribution of digital images. Avon Cosmetics, Macedonian and Bulgarian brand. Talential GMBH is a recruitment portal that pays candidates for interview. Digading AG is social networking with a focus on branding.
We are an IT services boutique shop, specializing in delivering high-quality outsourcing/nearshoring software development and support services, enterprise innovation consulting and solutions in a number of domains.
Through our commitment to the best management processes, talent development and technology research, we strive to be a Southeast European leader in quality outsourcing/nearshoring services and innovation consulting for SMEs, enterprises and governmental institutions.
Akota ING was founded in 2005 as a pioneering company in Macedonia with the focus on software outsourcing, serving clients from Switzerland and Germany. After initial rapid expansion of the client base, we adopted ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard which enabled our organization to scale further. Since 2007 Akota opened an Innovation department, which developed advanced technological prototypes in the fields of peer-to-peer video streaming, SaaS, internet advertising, e-commerce and internet payments. In 2009 Akota spun out its internet commerce platform DailyClover with a separate company Internet Trgovija. Currently, Internet Trgovija is expanding its business across Southeast Europe. With the experience and insight we developed, we remain focused on providing these assets to our clients in three ways: software outsourcing/nearshoring services, innovation consulting and solutions.

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