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Innovation, Quality and Price
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Our in-house R&D branch has successfully developed numerous innovative software products. Furthermore, we provide innovation consulting, serving enterprises in their digital transformation process.
Akota Solutions is an IT consulting company specializing in innovation consulting and outsourcing services. As an agile technology company focused on Internet product development and providing software services to international companies. Akota mainly focuses on the following fields: software outsourcing & nearshoring services, innovation consulting and custom solutions for enterprise companies. With a broad experience with successful outsourcing projects to clients in Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

IT Services for Innovation, Quality and Value

IT solutions

IT solutions that shape the future for Startups and Innovative Businesses.

IT consultancy

A multidisciplinary approach is essential for delivering Digital strategy and Digital transformation.

IT Outsourcing

Nearshoring and offshore outsourcing services in Macedonia with focus on both quality and value.


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services that reliably deliver continuous support to your business.

What can we do for you?

Expand workforce
Lower expenses
Increase profits
Grow Your Business
We at Akota Solutions share a multidisciplinary business experience that allows us to understand exactly what is needed to optimize and grow your business. As outsourcing services have proven to be a crucial advantage for businesses over the past decades, we believe that their greatest business value lies in the areas of innovation, quality and consistency. Our services are relevant to you if you are:

  • an SME from a traditional sector or an innovative startup looking to cut costs while reaching growth;
  • a Medium-sized business looking to grow while having reliable outsourced support in innovation, back-office and administration;
  • a Large enterprise looking to establish an outsourced team of talented and innovative and reliable staff;

Akota ING dooel has a global delivery center located in the Republic of Macedonia; a European country with a great supply of well-educated and driven talent. Akota boasts an on-site managerial team of international experts who are there to assure that your company extracts maximum value from IT outsourcing, innovation and consultancy.
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IT Solutions
  1. Trade center

  2. Payment agregation

  3. Data funnel

  4. Domain inteligence

IT Consultancy
  1. Information technology

  2. Digital strategy

  3. Innovation & Digital Transformation

IT Outsourcing
  1. Software engineering

  2. Software testing

  3. It Service Management

  4. It Support

  1. Customer support

  2. Back office support

  3. Sales support

What clients say about us

  • Akota ING has been a solid partner for, and consequently we have seen our cooperation grow considerably over the last year.
    Michel Kaufmann, Jobs. ch
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